Why Should You Give Importance To Safety And Security When Doing A Kayaking Adventure

All smiles and Folbot Coopers during a fun day on the water.

All smiles and Folbot Coopers during a fun day on the water.

#FolbotFotos of Sabrina G. (we met her on #TechieTuesday) in her Cooper on Vanco…

#FolbotFotos of Sabrina G. (we met her on #TechieTuesday) in her Cooper on Vancouver Island.

Folbot Fotos: Vancouver Island | Folbot
Today we get to see pics of Sabina using that gorgeous Cooper in Courtenay on Vancouver Island and Tree Island ( also known as Sandy Island) in Canada.

Charleston manufacturer Folbot’s kayaks fold to fit your life – Read more in Town

Charleston manufacturer Folbot’s kayaks fold to fit your life – Read more in Town

Water Walk – Folbot
TOWN is a publication of the Community Journals which has published the Greenville Journal for 13 years along with other leading market publications: the Spartanburg Journal, Journal News Now, Behind the Counter, At Home Magazine, and Upstate Foodie.

Read about our new dealer in Korea and our partner that helps make it happen. H…

Read about our new dealer in Korea and our partner that helps make it happen. Have a dealer in your neck of the woods that should carry Folbot? Let us know at info@folbot.com.

Riverstar International – On The Move
COLUMBIA, SC- Riverstar International, an export management company for US manufacturers, has recently appointed BnK Sports as the exclusive South Korean distributor of Charleston, South Carolina-based Folbot, the premier manufacturer of folding kayaks.

#ThrowbackThursday #UmbrellaSail #Ingenious

#ThrowbackThursday #UmbrellaSail #Ingenious

Throwback Thursday: Umbrella Sail | Folbot
We love this picture of longtime Folboter, Pete S. from 2005 in his yellow Cooper in Silver Lake, Florida.Why the umbrella, you ask?

Kristin Mcgee's Holi

Kristin Mcgee’s Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

Holiday Gifts That O

Holiday Gifts That Offer More Than Meets the Eye – Slide Show – NYTimes.com

Folbot Cooper Kayak

Folbot Cooper Kayak | OutWild TV

Used to be that only

Used to be that only 12-foot-tall men could carry kayaks on their backs. Then Folbot and its completely collapsible kayak came along and changed the game.

Great story from our

Great story from our ambassador in Sri Lanka

Folbot Flamingo Flotilla 2014

For more than a decade, a growing group of Folboters has been enjoying Flamingo Park in the Everglades during the winter. This year, the international group truly proves that with Folbot, "You can take it with you!"

Converting previous generation Folbot foot pegs into rudder controls

via YouTube Capture

Folbot Spring Break Adventure 2013

Adventure bound, Wilson and friends descend the Santee River to explore South Carolina’s Intracoastal Waterway on a spring break adventure of a lifetime.

Folbot Gremlin Assembly in less than 8.5 minutes

Let’s hit the water. Assemble a Folbot Gremlin in minutes and have the best paddle of your life.

Folbot Kodiak Assembly 2

Inserting the Kodiak frame inside the skin


#FolbotFotos of Sabrina G. in her Cooper on Vancouver Island. http://t.co/SVGWzggWQX http://t.co/2pUI4ZgQts


Have trouble getting your @Folbot skin on its frame? Check out our #TechieTuesday post! http://t.co/fynIHoSKlM


#ThrowbackThursday #UmbrellaSail #Ingenious http://t.co/GALdAS8qHl http://t.co/8lWkluN9Hg

Folbotin' #folbots #folbot_folding_kayaks #folbotyukon #pnw #summertime #latergram

What Are The Things That You Should Consider In Kayak Fishing?

One of the best adventures that you can have while kayaking is to go fishing. In order to be successful in your adventure, you should be mindful of certain things. And What Are The Things That You Should Consider In Kayak Fishing? The first thing that you should consider is to get organized with the things that you will need with the kayak fishing adventure. You will consider to select the fishing rod and the bait that you will use. Having a portable GPS equipment can be handy in covering larger areas of the water where you want to fish. It will greatly contribute to your success in catching fish. Make sure that the fishing rods are placed on your kayak that are very accessible to you when you need to start fishing. You should also be aware to dress up with the proper gear for swimming. When you wear only t shirts and ordinary shorts, you will feel uncomfortable all day because it will not dry quickly. Be sure to wear clothings that are quick drying so will feel comfortable.

The other thing that you should consider is to develop the necessary skills in kayaking. You should learn to paddle quietly and quickly so you can catch more fishes in your adventure. Your adventure will not be successful if you don’t have reliable equipment and gadgets that you need in kayak fishing. You should go to http://folbot.com to select the best boat that you need for the adventure. Choose wisely the other gadgets that you will bring along in the kayak fishing.

How Do You Enjoy Fishing While Kayaking?

Do you know that you can go fishing while kayaking at the same time. And How Do You Enjoy Fishing While Kayaking? You will enjoy your fishing adventure if you have the competent skills needed in kayaking. The problem that most people face today is that they have good fishing skills, but not so skillful in kayaking. To solve that problem, you should brush your skills in paddling the kayak. You should focus your attention on how to move forward and can turn smoothly to the left or to the right. You need these basic skills to move quietly on the waters so not attract attention to the fishes that you want to catch. Having the skills to maneuver the kayak quickly will make you cover larger areas and thus ending in success with your kayak and fishing adventure.

Safety in kayak fishing is one of the top priority skills that you should learn. The best way to learn the needed skills in self-rescue is to enroll in kayak classes. One of the greatest tip that you should know is to dress to swim when you go fishing with a kayak. There are unavoidable situations when you can be tossed off your boat and need to swim. When you are wearing the proper gear to swim, you will have a hard time for self-rescue or go back to your boat. The best thing to consider when you go for a kayak fishing adventure is to be equipped with reliable boat and gadgets. You should visit folbot.com to select the specific kayak that you need for your adventure.

A Week Long Adventure With A Folding Kayak

Anyone who has ever attempted to Kayak the Boundary Waters knows first hand the challenges that can appear. Between the near unreasonable trek that must be taken to reach the Boundary Waters and the multiple lake chains, toting a kayak and gear can become a rather difficult task. Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy a week long adventure without the normal struggles, simply bring along a folding Kayak and enjoy the adventure of a life time.

The Boundary Waters are known for difficult and sometimes intense hiking. Not only is it necessary to hike to an entry point, you also need to hike up from the water in order to camp out for the night. With a standard Kayak, this can be strenuous and even deter many. Bringing along a portable boat allows you to enjoy all that the Boundary Waters have to offer.

Following an initial hike from the Ely MN entry point, you’ll be able to get a much needed rest while you quickly put together your foldable boat. It’s as simple as snapping each piece into it’s designated point. Once complete, the carrying case can be folded up and placed into your camping pack, at which point, the real fun begins.

The Boundary Waters are vast, pay close attention to your route and use your map for assistance. Due to the numerous connecting lakes, if one simple turn is forgotten, it could become challenging when returning. Fishing is allowed with a permit and the days catch can be grilled within any of the attached campsites.

This is why fishermen love week long adventures on the Boundary Waters, though many have skipped the boundaries for more accessible water locations. This was mainly due to the challenge of these waters. However, now that foldable Kayaks are available, fishermen, campers and all out kayakers can be seen at various points within the waters.

If you’re planning a trip, simply pack up your gear and foldable Kayak and head up to the North Woods. Once you’ve arrived at your preferred entry point, grab a map and any needed permits from a ranger station. Then you’ll be completely free to enjoy the infamous Boundary Waters. Make sure that you also bring plenty of film or extra memory for digital cameras to capture the remarkable scenery surrounding the all of the Boundary Waters.

What Are The Important Things That I Should Be Aware Of About Kayaking?

I can say that one of my greatest adventure is kayaking. I was fascinated with how I made my way through the wild waters with my friends. I should say it is the thrill of a lifetime. As if there is a risk involved when you sail with the wild waters. When I go out to the wild waters I make sure that everything would be fine. I make sure that my companions are competent enough and have a high level of expertise in kayaking. There are also times when I want to relax and sail with my kids on calmer waters. Those are the moment that I treasure because you feel you are united with nature. Even my kids love it. I recommend that you should try kayaking if you have never experienced it before. When you decide to have a kayaking adventure, I recommend that you enroll in a workshop or tutorial class to learn many things about it. There are things that you should prepare and consider before you indulge yourself in a kayaking adventure.

And what are the important things that I should be aware of about kayaking? It is important that you are aware not only about the techniques on kayaking but also learning and experiencing the correct way of paddling the boat. The basic knowledge that you have to know is about stability. The first one that you will learn is the initial stability, which refers to the side to side movement. When you have gained experience and mastered it, the next thing that you should acquire knowledge about is secondary stability. The secondary stability refers to the point where the hull will flip. It is an advanced knowledge to acquire but is more important than the initial stability. Before you decide on to sail for kayaking you should research first about the weather. You should prepare for incoming rain, wind and lightning. These elements of weather will dictate how you will go your way with kayaking.

When you have the level of confidence about kayaking, you should familiarize yourself about the boat itself and other accessories. Visit folbot.com for high quality kayaks and accessories. They offer a wide variety of products. Enjoy your kayaking adventure and stay safe always.

What Are The Safety Tips That You Should Know Before Engaging A Kayaking Adventure?

One Of the most enjoyable adventure trip that I had is kayaking. I just love the way I paddled my way through the wavy moving waters. I am thrilled when there is some risk involved in the adventure. But there are times that I prefer serenity in my vacation. I would also go with my kids for a kayaking adventure in the calmer waters. If you want a wilder kayaking adventure, be sure that everyone is competitive enough for the fun activity. It is strongly advised that competent adults should also accompany kids for their safety and security. When doing any fun adventure, the safety should be the foremost agenda. Kayaking is a demanding sport and adventure so you should keep safe every time.

And what are the safety tips that you should know before engaging a kayaking adventure? The safest way to any kind of endeavor is prevention of any negative event. So taking up classes in safety and kayaking is important to prevent any untoward event. For me it is really important to take a first aid class to be prepared for any untoward incident. CPR should be included in the first aid class to prepare you to save those who needed help in the adventure. When you are ready to engage on the kayaking adventure, you should let someone know in your home or on the venue of your float plan. It is really needed, most especially on longer excursions where you need to make a detailed one. You should also put in mind that hydration is very important. You should store water for each kayak paddler one gallon per day. I want to reiterate the importance of first aid where you are suppose to have a training beforehand. Your first aid kit should be kept in a dry and secured storage and can easily be reached in case of emergency.

There are other safety gears and accessories available at Folbot website. Be sure to visit the site and prepare yourself by purchasing the most important safety gadgets that will make your trip not only fun but safe and secure. Try kayaking today and be amazed by the most thrilling experience in your life.

Alpine Paddling Adventure

Yannick Sevi – Alpine Paddle

I recently met up with Yannick from Alpine Paddle who was very keen to try paddling the Folbot with his Greenland paddles that he makes himself in the French Alps. We took a long paddle around Lake Annecy, one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, with its crystal azure waters and stunning cliffs and fairytale castles that I utterly failed to take any photos of.  But Google it, it’s pretty!

The 10′ (3m-ish)Citibot might not seem the obvious choice for an open water mission, but it performs well in the small waves and breezes of this vast but relatively sheltered lake.

A UK micro adventure Folbot-style

Strava track of the journey

This micro adventure was sent in by Citibot owner Sarah, a London dweller and Folbot enthusiast. She also provided a few photos of the mission, from Ely to Denver on the Great Ouse. We think that 15 miles in four and a half hours of paddling is pretty good, especially in a short recreational boat. A lot of people wouldn’t manage that in a sea kayak. Kudos, Sarah!

300 pages of folding kayak love…

Remember when Folbot used to print books about kayaking adventures? No? Well, it has been upwards of 30 years since an edition has been in print…
This gorgeous, 5th edition (all 300+ pages) are being made into an e-book. It’s chock full of great stories and fabulous pictures. If you’d like a copy when it’s ready, drop me a line >>>>
Front cover
Front cover of Fabulous Folbot Holidays, 5th edition
Back cover
Back cover (same edition)

Folding Kayak Range 2014

This is the Folbot range and its technical specifications for 2014. The kayaks will be available in the UK and Europe from Easter. For local price indications please contact brand ambassador Bill Mattos.
Contact details over there on the right >>>>>>

Why a folding kayak?

Well, why wouldn’t you? Check this out, it’s really fun:

Perhaps you think they’ll be a bit slow and baggy, but that isn’t the case. A fabric skin kayak performs in the water as well as a hard shell one, and potentially better in some ways. The very slight flexibility seems to allow the hull to insinuate its way through the water with less disturbance. Or something… It probably won’t be a benefit when planing, surfing really big waves for instance. I’m going to try that and let you know. But for paddling, a folding boat feels nimble and fast.

Perhaps you think they won’t be durable? Well, it takes 700lbs of weight/pressure to punch a screwdriver through the toughened skin, so I don’t think you need to worry about tears and punctures. And if you did have a disaster, it’s very mendable.

Perhaps you think they’ll be heavy. Nope… A Citibot weighs 25lbs (that strange US measurement again). A hard shell kayak will weigh more like 25 kilos! That’s more than double! OMG!

Too much trouble to assemble and break down? Here’s a video of Folbot’s Eric Thome assembling a Citibot in 9 minutes. Not really longer than it takes to tie the boat on the car and take it off again at the water. And break down is even quicker!

For a look at the full Folbot range, check out the brochure download in the earlier post below, and unfold a new adventure!

And remember:

Here’s your Folbot kayak in a backpack…

I’m not saying that a folding kayak is for everyone. But if you’re short of storage space, want something light to carry, or hate tying stuff on the car roof as much as I do, it might be worth thinking about!

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Faces of Folbots: Paddling on the Tennessee River

Russell enjoys a beautiful day on the Tennessee River in his Folbot Gremlin.  Send us pictures of your latest trip at media@folbot.com!

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Faces of Folbots: You CAN Take It With You!

Hello, Spring! Good to see you (finally). As you plan your spring break, weekend outing, paddle-whenever-you-see-fit, etc, remember what our Flamingo Flotilla friends said…. YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU!

Why Should You Give Importance To Safety And Security When Doing A Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking is one of my favorite water
sports. It makes me really excited whenever I paddle through the wild waters
with my friends. When I go through a thrilling adventure, I make sure that all
of my companions have competent experience in kayaking. There are times when I choose
the calmer waters, most especially when I bring my kids along.  It is a fun experience for me and my children
as we bond together for a kayaking adventure. You should try it too. And
remember to be always safe while having fun.


The question that you may think
of is Why Should You Give Importance To Safety And Security When Doing A
Kayaking Adventure?
It is better to be prepared for any untoward incident by
preventing it. The safety and security of yourself and your love ones is the
most important thing in the world. You can be prepared by enrolling in kayaking
classes. The First Aid class is a very important thing that each of all those
included in the adventure should undergo. Included in the class should be CPR.
It is one of the most important skill that you should develop even outside the
kayaking adventure. Before you indulge yourself in any kind of kayaking
adventure, you should research first about the incoming weather. You can easily
know the weather forecast through the internet or the National Weather Radio.
When you have decided to go for the kayaking adventure, you should make known
your float plan in your home and the venue of the kayaking adventure. So your
friends and relatives will know your location in case if there is an accident
that will happen.  You should also take
note that you keep the first aid kit in a very secured area where you can
easily reach it when the need arises. You also need to hydrate yourselves with
the whole trip of adventure and you need a gallon for each paddlers a day.


I recommend that you visit
folbot.com for your safety gadgets and accessories. They also offer a wide
variety of kayak models for you to choose from. Try kayaking with your friends
and relatives to have fun. Remember to be always safe while you experience a
great adventure.

How Do You Choose The Correct Kayak Paddle For Your Water Sport Adventure?

One of the best adventure for me
with regard to water sport is kayaking. You can go for a wild ride with moving
wavy waters that will give you the thrill of a lifetime. When I go for this
kind of adventure, I make sure that I am in the company of competent kayak
enthusiasts. I feel safe and secured when I know that my peers are highly
skilled because the wild waters may be dangerous at times. I also go to the
calmer waters when I want to meditate and when I am with younger children. It
is also a great idea when you have kayak adventures with your kids. When I go
out with my kids and other children to go kayaking, I make sure that the other
adults who come with us are also competent kayak experts. The safety and
security of younger children are the utmost important things with the kayak adventure.
Kayaking will really bring you the thrill of a lifetime and you should try it.
When you decide to try it, be sure to buy the appropriate equipment so it
wouldn’t go to waste and end up just a decoration in your home. One of the most
important things that you should correctly purchase is the paddle kayak.


And How Do You Choose The Correct
Kayak Paddle For Your Water Sport Adventure?
You can choose the appropriate paddle
for your kayak by checking the important factors in your adventure. There are
unfeathered kayak blades and feathered blades that you can choose. If you want
greater movement, I would suggest that you choose the feathered one. The
paddles also come in three different sizes. There’s long, mid-length and short.
If you want to buy a paddle for your kids, then the shorter paddle is
appropriate. And for tall persons the long one. While the mid-length is for
those who have average height. The long paddles are also great for wider boats
and the shorter paddles are designed for greater maneuverablity because turning
would be easier. If you want the most reliable and effective kayak paddle, you should
visit folbot.com. They also provide a great line-up of various kayak models.
Enjoy your adventure and stay safe while have the best thrills in your life.

How Do You Choose The Correct Type Of Kayak For Your Boat Adventure Needs?

The kayak has originally been
created for hunting in the past. Now, it is for the recreation of all who are
interested with great adventure. Kayaking is also a water sport that is
featured in the Olympics. It has gone a long way. If you want to try kayaking,
you can try the calm waters first to get the feel of how it is maneuvered. You
should learn the basic skills first before you transition to a wilder
adventure. The basic skills you need to learn is to move forward and how to
turn. It would be best to enroll and train on a kayak class before indulging in
any kind of adventure. When you are confident enough, you can try the moving
waters. When you have gained some experience, you can even bring along younger
children in your kayaking adventure which is a fun-filled family bonding. When
you are going for a kayaking adventure, be sure to select the right boat to do
the job for your adventure.


And How Do You Choose The Correct
Type Of Kayak For Your Boat Adventure Needs?
You can select the best type of
boat for your exacting needs by defining the purpose of your kayak adventure.
You can select a fishing kayak if you and your company enjoy catching fish.
Catching fish is a relaxing way to enjoy a vacation. You can also bring your
kids along with this kind of activity. If you want to travel a lot with your
kayak, you should select an inflatable kayak that can easily be transported.
This is the way to go for your very own convenience. The folding kayak type is
also a great choice for travelling because it can also easily be transported.
You should also have something for the younger children and purchase for them
the kids kayak. It would be a great adventure if they can paddle the waters
along with you.


To have a better idea of the
different types of boats, you should visit Folbot. Com. They have various types
of models to choose from that include Gremlin, Cooper, Citibot, Yukon, Kiawah,
Greenland II, Aleut, Kodiak, Edisto and the Sporting Life. Start having your
kayak adventure today and experience the most unforgettable moment in your

How Do You Appropriately Choose The Right Kayak That Will Suit Your Exacting Needs?

For me, one of the best water
sports is kayaking. I really love to paddle on the wavy waters. It provides a
great adventure of a lifetime. You should try it too. You can be adventurous
and try the moving waters. You can go ahead and bring along your kids to go
kayaking on calmer waters for a safer adventure. It would be best to study
first the venue that you are going in order to be fully prepared. One of the
most important things that you should consider is to buy the correct boat that
will do the job.


And How Do You Appropriately
Choose The Right Kayak That Will Suit Your Exacting Needs?
To select the best
kayak to suit your needs you should ask yourself if you are going to use it in
moving waters or calm waters. You should also determine if you are going for a
heavier duty kayak if  you are going to  use it frequently. If you will only use it
seldom you can choose for a less expensive one that can endure infrequent use.
You should also keep in mind the design of the boat if you are going to do the
adventure with younger kids. If you want less expensive boats, you can buy it
in the months of July and August when the retailers clear out their stocks for
newer ones. It would be big savings for you during the off season. In choosing
the boat for your needs, you will take into consideration its type which refers
to the hull or body of the boat.


A very important tip for you is
to choose a kayak that has a seat near the center of the boat. It would be
easier to balance when it is located near the central portion of the boat. You
also put into consideration the height and weight of yourself and your accompany
when choosing the kayak. For you to choose the best kayak for your exacting
needs, I highly recommend that you go to Folbot.com that offers a wide variety
of boats for you to choose from. Enjoy your adventure and have a safe one!



How Do you Plan Ahead To Go On a Kayaking Adventure With Your Kids?

Kayaking is a fascinating water
sports adventure. Do you know that kids will also enjoy coming with you to go
kayaking. And How Do you Plan Ahead To Go On a Kayaking Adventure With Your
It is great to plan ahead of the schedule for the adventure. You should keep
in mind who is going to come with the great adventure of a lifetime. The ideal
plan should be one experienced adult will accompany one kid. The experience
level of each adult should also be assessed.  You should select calm waters with minimal
current for the safety of the children. It would be exciting for the kids if
you choose a destination with lots of variety. You should know in advance the
boat traffic, currents and tides by studying them. It is better to be cautious
than to be sorry with unexpected negative situations. You should take note that
bathroom breaks are important to young children so these are one of the things
that you should also plan ahead. Be sure that your destination is a child-friendly
venue for the kids to really enjoy the adventure.


The length of the trip you also
be known in advance with a conservative estimation. For the first trips, half
an hour or a whole hour would be enough for a fun adventure. Of course, for
toddlers it will only be a few moments for them to experience some fun. It is
very important to build certain skills for both the adults and kids. There are
kayaking and swimming lessons for all ages that you can enroll to. It would add
to the enjoyment if all are well prepared for the adventure. The physical training
is also important for both the young and the adults to prepare for the
kayaking. It is also fun to do some exercises like running and strength training
with the kids. It would really be best if all the companions on the adventure
trip are physically healthy and ready.


The kayak, accessories and safety
gadgets are very important things needed for the adventure. You should choose
it very well. And I recommend you to go to Folbot.com to choose from a wide
variety of reliable kayaks and accessories.

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