Levitra Review

Male impotence is a common problem among men. To deal with the problem, PDE-5 inhibitors are employed. An example of a PDE-5 inhibitor is Levitra.
How it works
Levitra functions by relaxing muscles and also increasing the flow of blood to many given body parts. To deal with male impotence, the drug enhances the flow of blood to the penis ultimately causing a bigger harder erection.
In accordance cases, no dosing schedule is required which is used as needed. It will always be taken approximately an hour before starting sex. A doctor will prescribe the appropriate dose and something should avoid smaller or larger amounts than prescribed. In case of an overdose, you need to seek immediate medical assistance. Symptoms of an overdose include low back pain or blurred vision. You need to also seek medical assistance in the case of an excruciating or prolonged erection.
Levitra should not be used in combination with similar products for example Cialis Daily or Viagra Soft. Similarly, you need to permit the doctor know if using medications for example antibiotics, blood pressure levels medications, HIV/AIDS medicines, prostrate problem medications, heart medicines, antidepressants, and heart rhythm medicines. However, their list is not exhaustive so when a precaution, you need to inform the doctor associated with a medication in use. Other things to stop with all the Levitra include grapefruit products and alcohol.
Comparison with Viagra and Cialis
For both drugs, side effects profile is analogous. However, muscle aches simply have been reported in Cialis plus a blue discoloration of vision practical knowledge only in Viagra. Have a contra-indication if used alongside an organic nitrate. Like Viagra, Levitra begins to work after about half an hour and works for 4 hours from the moment of taking the pill. Cialis, however, starts working after twenty minutes and continues for 36 hours.
Levitra is an efficient and safe drug to make use of, and will also soon certainly be a great competition to Viagra, that’s currently leading on the market.